Kirkintilloch, Stirling
Standing Stones Canmore HES
Also known as The Machar Stones

Waterhead farm is near Fintry in the Campsie Hills just to the north of Glasgow.

A little way from the farm (over a couple of rivers, through swampy bogs and finally through a forest) in a forestry fire-break, stand two stones.

The shorter one, some five feet in height, is still standing upright despite having been hit by several fallen trees. Six feet away the taller stone, nearly eight feet in length, is leaning severely and almost prostrate. This has also been hit by falling trees, but is described as being almost recumbant before the forest was planted.

At one time these stones must have had a commanding view, situated as they are on a hillock in the middle of a moor. However, as they are now surrounded by 20 and 30 foot trees, the view is somewhat limited these days.

The almost-recumbant stone is decorated with several cup marks, although these are quite hard to see as they are on the lower face and hidden by remains of falling trees.

Update, 2016: when I revisited the site this year, much of the area around the stones and the low mound that they're on has been cleared of trees leaving them in what is an extremely attractive setting.

Images ©1998, 2001, 2016 Martin McCarthy, Theasis Photography

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