Glencoe, Argyll
Cairn Canmore

Although this is a decent sized pile of river-worn cobbles and boulders, in many other locations this might take a little searching to find. Gualachulain is really easy - drive all the way down the single-track road from the head of Glencoe through Glen Etive. Just as you arrive at Loch Etive, and immediately after the last house, a few metres from the road on the right are the almost white stones of the cairn.

It's a bit of a mess, being surrounded by a now-cleared (as of 2018) forestry plantation. Nevertheless the cairn seems fairly undisturbed. Canmore say it's 7.7metres (about 25 ft) in diameter and 1.6m (5 ft) high; I've no reason to argue with that. And whilst I love a good pile of stones as much as anyone, give most of your time to the stunning scenery down the whole length of Glen Etive!

Images ©2018 Martin McCarthy, Theasis Photography

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