Moyne Moor
Neilston, East Renfrewshire
Cist; Cairns; Stone Setting Canmore

Moyne Moor is near Neilston, not far to the west of Glasgow. It's wide and windy and gets very boggy when it rains.

Not far from here on a hill top are the Covenanters' Stones; these are a group of stones that have been variously described as the remains of a stone circle, stone row or cairn (they're marked as a cairn on the OS map). It was the Covenanters' Stones that were my main goal when I visited Moyne Moor, but when the bog rose to my knee I decided to settle for Moyne Moor.

The pictures are of the remains of a large cairn that has been very heavily robbed. Several large stones remain, along with a significant bank along one edge of the cairn, and the circumference of the cairn is quite clearly defined by earthworks. The two main large stones pictured are the remains of a cist, and a large flat stone which may have been the cap stone lies nearby.

Because of the poor state of the ground I didn't find any of the other remains in the area, but there are: a walled settlement; a row of three largish stones aligned with the hilltop where the Covenanters' Stones lie; and a circle of small cairns. These other features, and the Covenanters' Stones themselves, will have to wait for dryer weather.

Images ©1998 Martin McCarthy, Theasis Photography

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