Hilton of Cadboll Pictish Stone
Tain, Highland
Pictish Symbol Stone Class II Canmore
Also known as Hilton Stone

This Class II stone is now in the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

In the 17th Century it was reused as a gravestone, the cross-side being redressed and replaced with a modern inscription.

The symbol side is beautifully and richly decorated.

A complex frame has Tree of Life foliage interlace with brids. At the top of the frame, still outside the panelled area, is a double disc and Z-rod symbol.

The top panel contains a crescent and V-rod above two discs containing very intricate interlacing.

The central panel contains one of the very rare images of women in Pictish art. She sits face-on and side-saddle on a galloping horse in the most prominent position in the panel. In front of her mount is a mirror and comb symbol. She appears to be holding something in her left arm. Two male riders, two huntsmen on foot and blowing horns, dogs and deer make up a hunting scene.

The bottom panel contains spiral patterns.

Images ©2004 Martin McCarthy, Theasis Photography

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