Dun Telve
Kyle of Lochalsh, Highland
Broch Canmore
Also known as Glen Elg, Lower Broch

Glen Elg is a few miles south of the bridge to Skye. Some way up the glen are the magnificent remains of two brochs.

Dun Telve, the Lower Broch, stands in a poor defensive position in the floor of the valley not far from the more defensible Dun Troddan.

A significant amount of the broch wall was robbed out in the eighteenth century, but what remains is still very impressive.

The scarcements, or narrow ledges, that would have supported structures within the interior space of the broch are very clearly defined.

Outside the broch are the remains of other structures which may be contemporaneous with the broch or may be from a later period (compare, for example, with the Broch of Gurness in Orkney around which several small villages were later built).

A number of objects were found when the broch was excavated, including iron slag, bronze rings, stone cups and quernstones.

Images ©1999 Martin McCarthy, Theasis Photography

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