Crow Stones
Gifford, East Lothian
Stone Setting; Stone Circle Canmore HES

A setting of fairly small boulders, mostly less than half a metre in height, arranged in an oval-ish shape roughly 45 by 35 metres. On the southern arc is a rectangular arrangement of four boulders that Burl suggests could be a four-poster type setting.

When I visited in late December, many of the stones were below the height of the surrounding heather. This made it even harder to find many of the already shy boulders!

The site is on a south-east facing slope of Crow Moss in a boggy area between two burns. It might be very tempting to only visit in a dry summer to make the hike easier, but be aware that this is a grouse-shooting area so summer can be a bad time.

Images ©2020 Martin McCarthy, Theasis Photography

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