South Yarrows Broch
Wick, Highland
Broch Canmore
Also known as Broch of Yarrows

South Yarrows Broch, on the south west shore of the Loch of Yarrows, is in an area rich in archaeology from many periods. The broch itself has been dated to probably the late Iron Age.

The river emptying the loch has been dammed, so raising the water level. As a result, the broch is now waterlogged.

The walls are 4 metres thick and still stand up to 4 metres high, enclosing a circular area 10 metres in diameter. A later settlement was built against the broch wall on the side away from the loch. The broch itself has two entrances, which is very unusual. It is thought that the entrance facing the loch was originally built into the broch and the entrance in the south wall pushed through after the settlement outbuildings were added.

Images ©2004 Martin McCarthy, Theasis Photography

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