Auld Wives Lifts
Milngavie, Stirling
Carved Stone; Celtic Heads Canmore
Also known as Auld Wives Lift; Craigmaddie Muir

High on Craigmaddie Muir is a natural amphitheatre in the peat bog. Within that bowl are a pair of very large boulders with a third balanced on top. It looks not unlike a burial chamber with the capstone still on top, but it was almost certainly left this way by a glacier.

The stones are full of graffiti from the last 200 years. Footholds have been carved into one corner making it relatively easy to access the top of the pile. But perhaps most interesting are the heads which have been carved into the rock.

Some of these look relatively modern. And whilst it's not possible to date the carvings, some of them look much older and are in a classic Celtic style perhaps dating to the Iron Age. Celtic heads are often associated with water - and today this is one of the wettest parts of a boggy location. Waterproof footwear recommended!

Images ©2018 Martin McCarthy, Theasis Photography

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