Cauldside Burn Cairn and Stone Circle
Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway
Stone Circle; Cairn Canmore

In the saddle between Cairnharrow hill and Cambret Hill near Kirkcudbright, and surrounded by a heathery bog, stand this stone circle and cairns.

The stone circle is about 75 feet in diameter. Eleven sandstone slabs remain, although many stones have been removed from the south and east arcs of the ring. The tallest stone is about four feet high, the remainder being just two feet tall or less. It has been suggested that these stones form the remains of a kerb cairn, but their regular spacing and the lack of stones within the circle suggests that they were constructed specifically as a stone circle.

Just a few feet to the north of the circle is a well preserved cairn over ten feet in height and more than sixty feet in diameter. At the centre of the top of the cairn is a hollow containing the remains of a cist.

A little further to the south is another cairn and cist, although this has been extensively robbed and hardly any of the mound remains.

Images ©1999 Martin McCarthy, Theasis Photography

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