Peterhead Farm
Auchterarder, Perthshire
Standing Stone; Pictish Class I Stone Canmore
Also known as Muirton; Gleneagles; Loaninghead; Blackford

In fields near where the A9 traffic thunders through Gleneagles, is a pair of megaliths a few hundred metres apart.

The eastern stone is a little over a metre tall and has two Pictish symbols on one face. And it also a stunning view. Those Picts certainly knew how to pick their spots!

The lower symbol is a fairly clear rectangle divided into three thin horizontal segments. The upper symbol is much less distinct and in poor light it is hard to be sure that there is a definite shape there. But once you see it, it is very like a goose found on other Pictish stones.

A few hundred yards away to the west is another megalith (without any Pictish ornamentation). This stone fell in 1990 and was re-erected.

Images ©1999, 2017 Martin McCarthy, Theasis Photography

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