Blackpark Plantation
Kingarth, Bute
Standing Stones; Stone Circle (Possible) Canmore HES
Also known as Kingarth; Langalchorad

Blackpark Plantation standing stones at the south end of Bute stand in a fairly recently cleared forestry plantation.

The site is usually described as the remains of a stone circle because someone in the 1700s said there were four more stones here then; but there are no signs of the other stones or their socket holes, there were only three stones on maps in the 1800s, and antiquarians in the 1700s made up all kinds of strange stories. So possibly the remains of a stone circle, but there really doesn't seem to be a whole lot of evidence to support this interpretation.

Two of the stones are made of conglomerate - like sandstone, but think petrified pebbly beach rather than petrified sandy beach - which is an unusual for standing stones. One of these two looks like a flattened mushroom, artificially kept from falling like a cardboard cutout. And one is in a really strange mound, which turns out to be concrete - it broke in a gale the 1970s and lots of concrete must have seemed like a good solution. That one is also well-graffitied with the initials of unremembered people impotently shouting "I was here".

The third stone is split by frost and is being further split by people hammering money into the cracks, presumably in the hope that some short-of-change god will think that 2 pence and permanent damage to an ancient site is a good deal in exchange for a bit of luck.

A very odd place. And quite beautiful.

Images ©2023 Martin McCarthy, Theasis Photography

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