Kingarth, Bute
Stone Row Canmore HES
Also known as Kingarth Standing Stones

This row of three stones stands in the corner of a farmers field at the south end of Bute, just by the island's airstrip. It is also under a kilometre from the standing stones at Blackpark Plantation.

The basalt boulders are fairly evenly spaced, about 3.5 metres apart and are between 1.3 and 1.7 metres tall, and stand on a line running very nearly northwest-southeast. The northwestern-most stone is somewhat fractured, with a large lump being reported broken off in the 1940s.

Images ©2023 Martin McCarthy, Theasis Photography

Nearby Sites

0km Blackpark Plantation Standing Stones; Stone Circle (Possible)
17km Skipness Castle Castle
20km Stillaig Standing Stones
(NB: All distances are as-the-crow-flies. Lochs, mountains and beautiful winding roads will make it further. Sometimes much further.)