Privacy Policy, Advertising, and Cookies Statement

I'm just not that interested in you (and your data).

This website's web server keeps a normal log of browsers and which IP address visited which page when. That's all the information I have about you. It lets me search out things like website errors. Even that minimal information is shared with no-one.

This website doesn't have any advertisments. There are no affiliate links. There are no "third-party providers" or "marketing partners" that I share your data with. There is no Google Analytics tracking or Facebook tracking or anything like that on the Ancient Scotland website.

I don't have a big list of cookies for you to opt out of; there are only 2 cookies and they are used when maintainers of this website log in. One is a session id cookie which is used when a maintainer of this website logs in for purposes of authentication. The other is a CSRF token cookie used to prevent bad people from hijacking someone's login. That's all.