Housesteads Fort
Haltwhistle, Northumberland
Roman Fort
Also known as Vercovicium

Housesteads, on Hadrian's Wall, is one of the most complete Roman forts in Britain. It lies across a ridge giving great views of the countryside of both England to the south and Scotland to the north.

Construction of Hadrian's Wall along the northern frontier of Roman Britain began in AD 122. Work on Housesteads - known as Vercovicium to the Romans - began around 124, one of about twenty major forts that were added to the wall. A regiment of around 800 to 1000 men would have been stationed here.

After Hadrian, during the reign of Antonius Pius, the northern frontier moved into modern-day Scotland and the Antonine Wall was constructed between where Glasgow and Edinburgh are now. At this time, starting around AD 142, a caretaker garrison would have occupied Housesteads. Before long, around AD 162, the northern frontier moved south back to Hadrian's Wall and further building work took place at Housesteads during the reign of emperor Septimus Severus.

Images ©2004 Martin McCarthy, Theasis Photography

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