Calanais II
Callanish, Western Isles
Stone Circle Canmore
Also known as Cnoc Ceann a

An eliptical setting (about twenty-one metres by ninteen metres) of five large stones just a few hundred metres from Calanais I. The tallest stone is nearly three and a half metres in height.

Originally this was a ring of ten stones with an eleventh outlier. A cairn, eight and a half metres in diameter, was built in the circle a little to the east of centre.

Post-hole evidence suggests that, before the stones were erected, there was a timber circle on this site; this would have been about ten metres in diameter.

See also: Calanais I, Calanais III, Calanais IV and Calanais VIII.

Images ©1997, 2003, 2014 Martin McCarthy, Theasis Photography

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