Carse Megaliths

Tarbert, Argyll
Standing Stones
Also known as Loch Stornoway

Carse is at the south west edge of the South Knapdale peninsula. Three megaliths stand here, two close together and aligned north-south with a third some hundred yards away.

CANMORE reports that fragments of Bronze Age plates were found at the base of the stones in the mid-19th century, but that these have since apparently disintegrated (that is, no-one can find them any more).

The tall-thin stone is ten feet tall and two and a half feet wide, the wide stone being eight feet tall and four feet wide. Both are a little over one foot thick.

There is a local tradition that at this spot there was a battle between the Clans Campbell and McIver. The story goes that a number of McIver chiefs were killed by the Campbells when they were caught on a cattle-stealing expedition. Early in the nineteenth century, the land a little away from the stones was being drained and a helmet, inlaid with gold, and several ornamental sword hilts were found.


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