18 December 2018
9 new photos of the Glebe Stone, a standing stone southwest of Selkirk.new page
17 December 2018
10 new photos of the 6th century early Christian inscribed stone known as the Yarrow Stone southwest of Selkirk.new page
25 July 2018
8 new photos of the Strathendry standing stone just west of Glenrothes in Fifenew page
10 July 2018
15 new photos (new to the site, but originally shot in 2000 and 2003) of the Eslie The Greater recumbent stone circle near Banchory, Aberdeenshirenew page
19 June 2018
24 new photos of the pair of standing stones at Glal Braes near Bathgateupdated page
6 June 2018
5 new photos of the Gualachulain cairn by Loch Etivenew page
7 May 2018
14 new photos of the holy well of St Maha and the accompanying standing stone above Loch Lomondnew page
4 May 2018
13 new photos of the neolithic chambered cairn at Garadh Ban Wood on the east side of Loch Lomondnew page
27 April 2018
19 new photos of the Auld Wives Lifts rocks and carved heads just north of Glasgownew page
26 April 2018
24 new photos of 3 standing stones that are part of ... somethingnew page
7 January 2018
8 new photos of the standing stone in the graveyard of Strathblane Parish Churchnew page
6 new photos of the Broadgate Farm standing stone in Strathblanenew page
3 new photos of the repaired and re-erected University of Stirling standing stonenew page
4 January 2018
12 new photos of the Stane Alane standing stone near Lochgilphead in Argyllnew page
2 January 2018
11 new photos of the Avinagillan standing stone in Argyllupdated page
30 December 2017
8 new photos of the Lochead standing stone at Achahoish in Argyllupdated page
28 December 2017
24 new photos of the three standing stones of Carse in Argyllupdated page
24 December 2017
24 new photos of the Barmore Wood chambered cairn in Argyllupdated page
6 new photos of the standing stone bt Inveraray Castle in Argyllnew page
21 December 2017
7 new photos of the cup-and-ring rock art at Cairnbaan in Argyllnew page
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