Kilnave Cross and Chapel

Bridgend, Islay
Early Christian Cross; Chapel
Also known as Cill Naoimh; Cill Neimh

Kilnave stands on the west shore of the sandy estury of Loch Gruinart at the northwest of Islay. There's a ruined chapel here which is probably late-mediaeval in date within a Victorian enclosure. But much older is the free-standing cross which is held in a modern concrete base. RCAHMS date the cross to either the 5th or the 8th century.

The cross has been badly weathered over the centuries and much of the surface has flaked off, leaving very little of any original decorative carving to be seen.

The burial ground also contains gravestones that are modern and dated stones going back to the 1700s

Tradition has it that the chapel was burned down in 1598, whilst inside were the fugitives from a local battle.


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