Doune Castle

Dunblane, Stirling

Doune Castle was built by Robert Stewart, first duke of Albany in the late 1300s during the reign of Robert II. It stands on high ground above the River Teith and not far from the site of the famous Battle of Stirling Bridge.

The castle is perhaps most famous as the location for many scenes from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. If you've seen the movie you'll likely recognise much of the castle, inside and out.

In the 1400s the son of Robert Stewart was imprisoned and executed and King James I mad Doune a royal castle. He and his successors, James II, James III and James IV all used Doune as a retreat from the palace at Stirling Castle not far to the east.

Later the castle was given as a dower gift to the wives of the Scottish kings.


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