Wigtown, Dumfries and Galloway
Stone Circle; Stone Row
Also known as Torhouse Stone Circle

This fabulous circle is often likened to the recumbent stone circles of Kincardineshire and Aberdeenshire; Burl has described it as a link between the circles of southwest Ireland and northeast Scotland.

The ninteen stones that make up the circle are graded in height with the tallest (around five feet tall) in the southeast and the smallest (about two feet tall) in the northwest. The "recumbent and flankers" are three stones towards the centre of the circle -- in a Kincardine recumbent circle the recumbent and flankers would be on or close to the southeast sector of the circle arc.

The circle is a little over sixty feet in diameter and set on a raised platform of smaller stones.

Legend has it that the three stones in the centre of the circle form part of King Galdus' Tomb. However, legend also has it that King Galdus was buried at Cairnholy II!

Just across the road from the circle and on a low ridge is a row of three stones.


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