Cairnfauld Stone CircleStone Circle
Castle FrazerStone Row
Castle FrazerStone Circle
CullerlieStone Circle
Dunnottar CastleCastle
Easter AquhorthiesStone Circle (Recumbent)
Eslie the GreaterStone Circle (Recumbent); Ring Cairn
GlasselStone Circle
Kempstone HillStanding Stones
Loanhead of DaviotStone Circle (Recumbent)
Maiden StonePictish Stone Class II
Midmar KirkStone Circle (Recumbent)
Ninestanes Recumbent Stone CircleStone Circle (Recumbent)
SunhoneyStone Circle (Recumbent)
TillyfourieStone Circle (Recumbent)
Aberlemno IPictish Symbol Stone Class I
Aberlemno IIPictish Symbol Stone Class II
Aberlemno IIIPictish Symbol Stone Class II
Aberlemno VPictish Symbol Stone Class I
Bullion Pictish StonePictish Symbol Stone Class III
Woodrae Pictish SlabPictish Symbol Stone Class II
Achadh-Chaorann MonolithStanding Stone
Achnabreck Carved RocksheetCup And Ring
Avinagillan Monolith Standing Stone
Ballochroy Standing StonesStone Row
Ballymeanoch CairnKerb Cairn
Ballymeanoch HengeHenge; Cist
Ballymeanoch Holed StoneStanding Stone (broken, fallen and moved)
Ballymeanoch Stone RowsStone Rows
Barmore WoodChambered Cairn
BarnashaigStanding Stone
CairnbaanCup and Ring Marks
Carman Muir Burial ChamberChambered Cairn
Carnassarie CairnCairn
Carnassarie Standing StonesStanding Stones
Carse MegalithsStanding Stones
Castle LachlanCastle
CillchriosdStanding Stone
Clach na CarraigStanding Stone; Kerb Cairn
Cnoc FadaStone Row
Creagantairbh Beag MonolithStanding Stone
Dun MhuirichDun
DunaddFort; Rock Carving
Dunchraigaig CairnChambered Cairn
Glac MhorStone Row; Cup Marks
GlennanStanding Stone
Inverary Castle MegalithStanding Stone
Keppochan Decorated BoulderCup Marks
Kilmartin Church And GraveyardMediaeval Grave Slabs; Early Christian Crosses; Carved Slabs; Church
Kilmichael Glassary Decorated Rock SheetCup and Ring Marks
Kilmory Oib VillageDeserted Mediæval Village
KintrawStanding Stone; Cairn
Loch BuieStanding Stone
Loch BuieStone Circle
Lochead MegalithStanding Stone
MingaryStanding Stones
Nether Largie Stone SettingStone Setting
Ormaig Rock CarvingsCup and Ring Marks
Salachary Stone RowStanding Stones
ShantronCup and Ring Marks
Skipness CastleCastle
Stane AlaneStanding Stone
StillaigStanding Stones
Temple WoodStone Circle
TorbhlaranStanding Stone
Upper Fernoch MegalithStanding Stone
Burgh HillStone Circle
Burgh Hill FortIron Age Fort
Glebe StoneStanding Stone
Jedburgh AbbeyAbbey
Ninestane RigStone Circle
Yarrow StoneBurial; Inscribed Stone; Standing Stone
City of Glasgow
Crookston CastleCastle
Pollock Ring WorkIron Age Fort; Hillfort
Cumbria, England
CastleriggStone Circle
Little MegKerb Circle
Long Meg and Her DaughtersStone Circle
Dumfries and Galloway
BorelandStone Row
Caerlaverock CastleCastle
Cairnholy IChambered Cairn
Cairnholy IIChambered Cairn
Cauldside Burn Cairn and Stone CircleStone Circle; Cairn
DrumtroddanStanding Stones
Drumtroddan Rock ArtCup and Ring Marks
Girdle StanesStone Circle
GlenquickenStone Circle
GlenterrowStone Circle
Holm of DaltallochanStone Circle; Standing Stones
Loupin StanesStone Circle
Threave CastleCastle
TorhousekieStone Circle; Stone Row
Twelve ApostlesStone Circle
East Ayrshire
Ballochmyle Carved CliffsCup And Ring Carvings
Cairn TableCairn
LightshawStanding Stone
East Dunbartonshire
Bearsden BathhouseRoman Fort
WhitehillCup and Ring Marks
East Lothian
Crow StonesStone Setting; Stone Circle
Nine Stone RigStone Circle
Pencraig HillStanding Stone
Tantallon CastleCastle
East Renfrewshire
Carlin CragsCup Marks
Covenanters StonesStone Circle
Moyne MoorCist; Cairns; Stone Setting
Lundin LinksStanding Stones
OrwellStanding Stones
Scoonie Pictish StonePictish Symbol Stone Class II
StrathendryStanding Stone
Strathmiglo Pictish StonePictish Symbol Stone Class I
Tuilyies MegalithStanding Stone
AchavanichStone Circle
BadnabayChambered Cairn
Balnuaran of ClavaChambered Cairns; Stone Circles
Cairn of GetChambered Cairn
Camster Stone RowStone Rows; Standing Stones
Clach An TiompainPictish Symbol Stone Class I
Clachtoll BrochBroch
CorrimonyClava Cairn; Stone Circle
Dun TelveBroch
Dun TroddanBroch
Eilean Donan CastleCastle
Grantown Pictish StonePictish Symbol Stone Class I
Grey Cairns of Camster - Long CairnChambered Long Cairn
Grey Cairns of Camster - Round CairnChambered Cairn
GuidebestStone Circle; Cairns
Hill O' Many StanesStone Rows; Standing Stones
Hilton of Cadboll Pictish StonePictish Symbol Stone Class II
Invereen Pictish StonePictish Symbol Stone Class I
Lower CamsterStanding Stones
LyneChambered Cairn
South Yarrows BrochBroch
The Mound Stone CircleStone Circle
CultoonStone Circle
Kildalton Great CrossEarly Christian Cross
Kilnave Cross and ChapelEarly Christian Cross; Chapel
Isle of Arran
Machrie Moor 1Stone Circle
Machrie Moor 2Stone Circle
Machrie Moor 3Stone Circle
Machrie Moor 4Stone Circle
Machrie Moor 5Stone Circle
Moss Farm Road CairnKerb Cairn
Isle of Iona
Iona AbbeyAbbey; Cathedral; Early Christian Cross
Isle of Lewis
AchmoreStone Circle
Shawbost MillNorse Iron-Age Horizontal Mill
Isle of Skye
BorveStone Circle
Dun BeagBroch
Na Clachan BhreighStone Circle
Easter NortonStanding Stone
Huly HillStone Circle; Burial Cairn
Ravenswood AvenueStanding Stone
Tormain HillCup and Ring Marks
Sueno's StonePictish Stone Class III
North Ayrshire
DrybridgeStanding Stone
Housesteads FortRoman Fort
Orkney Islands
Barnhouse Neolithic SettlementNeolithic Settlement
Cuween HillChambered Cairn
MaeshoweChambered Cairn
Orphir Round ChurchChurch
Rennibister Earth HouseSouterrain
Ring of BookanChambered Cairn; Henge
Ring of BrodgarStone Circle
Skara Brae Neolithic VillageNeolithic Settlement
St Magnus CathedralCathedral
Stones of StennessStone Circle
Unstan Chambered CairnChambered Cairn
Watch StoneStanding Stone
Wideford HillChambered Cairn
Alyth Pictish Cross-SlabPictish Stone Class II
Ardoch Roman FortRoman Fort
AuchterarderStanding Stones
Barry HillIron Age Hill Fort
BlackfauldsStone Circle
Buchanty HillCup Marks
Clach na h'IobairteStanding Stone
Clach na TiompanChambered Cairn; Standing Stone; Possible Stone Circle
Clachan an DiridhStone Circle
Colen WoodStone Circle
Courthill StoneStanding Stone
Croft MoraigStone Circle
Crofthead FarmStanding Stones
Druids Seat WoodStone Circle
Dunkeld ParkStanding Stone
DunningStanding Stone
Dupplin CrossPictish Free-Standing Cross
Faskally Cottages Stone CircleStone Circle
Ferntower Stone CircleStone Circle; Cup Mark
FortingallStone Circles
Fowlis WesterStone Circles; Standing Stone; Cairn
Fowlis WesterPictish Stones
GreenlandStone Circle
Kettins Pictish Cross-SlabPictish Stone Class III
KindrochatChambered Cairn
Leys of MarleeStone Circle
Logierait Pictish Cross-SlabPictish Stone Class II
Lundin FarmStone Circle; Cup Marks
Mains of CreuchiesStone Circle
MonzieCairn Circle
MoulinStanding Stones
MurrayshallStanding Stone
Murthly Pictish StonePictish Symbol Stone Class III
Newhall BridgeStanding Stones
Perth MuseumPictish Stones
Peterhead FarmStanding Stone; Pictish Class I Stone
River AlmondStone Circle; Cairn
ShianbankStone Circles
Struan Pictish StonePictish Stone Class I
Wolfhill StonesStanding Stones
Woodside, Hill of DrimmieStone Circle
Castle Semple Collegiate ChurchChurch
Deaconsbank Golf CourseCup and Ring Marks; Millstone Quarry; Dovecot
Rouken GlenCup and Ring Marks
Shetland Islands
Papil Pictish StonePictish Symbol Stone Class I
South Ayrshire
Crossraguel AbbeyAbbey
South Lanarkshire
Bothwell CastleCastle
Craignethan CastleCastle
Acharn Standing StoneStanding Stone
Airthrey Castle StoneStanding Stone
Auld Wives LiftsCarved Stone; Celtic Heads
BlanefieldStanding Stones; Cairn
Broadgate FarmStanding Stone
Castleton FarmCup and Ring Carvings
Clach nam BreatannStanding Stone; Cairn; Boundary Marker
CraigenkirnLong Cairn? Modern Ruin? A combination?
DouneStanding Stones
Doune CastleCastle
FintryStanding Stone
Garadh Ban WoodChambered Cairn
Inchmahome PrioryPriory
Menteith 16Cup and Ring Marks
Menteith 20Cup Marks
Mid LixCup Marks
Nether Glenny CairnsCairn
SherrifmuirStone Row
St. Maha's WellStanding Stone; Well
Stockie MuirChambered Cairn
Strathblane Parish ChurchStanding Stone
University of StirlingStanding Stone
WaterheadStanding Stones
West Dumbartonshire
Cameron Home FarmChambered Cairn; Cup Mark
West Lothian
Cairnpapple HillHenge; Chambered Cairn
Gala BraesStanding Stones
Linlithgow PalacePalace
Western Isles
Barpa LangassChambered Cairn
Calanais IStone Circle; Stone Rows; Cairn
Calanais IIStone Circle
Calanais IIIStone Circle
Calanais IVStone Circle
Calanais VIIIStanding Stones
Clach Mhic LeoidStanding Stone
ClettravalChambered Cairn; Aisled House
Dun CarlowayBroch
Na Fir BhreigeStone Row
Pobull FhinnStone Circle
SteinacleitSettlement?; Cairn?; Stone Circle?